Basic Handgun Safety & Responsibility Course: Introduction to Firearms

Class Description:

This beginner level class introduces the student to firearms with a focus on handguns. Demonstrations, discussions and live-fire of both revolver and semi-automatic handguns.

The class starts with discussions of gun safety, range safety and range usage protocols. Then the topics progress to revolver and semi-automatic operations, firearm care, maintenance and safety precautions. Included classroom discussion of gun ownership, safe and legal transportation. Also, briefly covered are use-of-force laws. This class includes live-fire of both revolver and semi-automatic handguns in our indoor range facility.

Join the thousands of students who have received a safe and responsible introduction to firearms training from DGM Training.

Topics Covered:

  • Gun Safety: A powerful handling rule system that will keep you safe everywhere with every gun
  • Gun Handling: The proper way to handle a handgun, load and unload a gun safely
  • Gun Storage: California laws of ownership, transportation and requirements for home storage
  • Marksmanship: proper ways to hold a gun, align the sights, and press the trigger
  • Introduction to handgun shooting from the standing position with revolver and semi-automatic pistol
  • Introduction to handgun cleaning, storage, and additional training opportunities

Price: $125 


Classroom instruction, handout materials, range fees, targets, firearm rental, eye & ear protection, ammunition.

Class Length: 4 hours (Typically 3 hours classroom time followed by range time).

Class Goal:

To provide beginning shooters with an introduction to the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use handguns safely.

Prerequisites & Restrictions:

There are no prerequisites for taking this class and the material is accessible to appropriately supervised mature children. The usual minimum age to attend this class is 15 years of age. A parent or guardian must accompany students under 18 years old.

Required Equipment:

We will provide: firearms, ammunition and personal safety equipment.
Required clothing: closed toe shoes.
Recommended clothing: Long-sleeved, collared shirt and ball-cap.

Class Completion:

Students will receive a certificate of training upon successful completion of the program.


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