San Diego, CA Chapter


San Diego Chapter Facilitator:

Judi Wells

(619) 629-3344


Q:  What is A Girl and A Gun? 

A:  A Girl and A Gun is a National Women’s Shooting league with chapters all over the United States.  Our focus is learning safety, firearms handling and shooting skills.

Q:  When are your meetings?  And Where? 

A:  The San Diego Chapter meets at Discount Gun Mart each month on the second Tuesday from 11am - 1:00pm ~ Trigger Time, and the fourth Thursday, 6 - 8pm ~ Girls’ Night Out.  We also have additional events that are centered around shooting or self-defense.  Starting in August, we will host a Brilliance in the Basics - Girls’ Night Out every second Tuesday of the month, 6pm - 8pm. THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY FOR FIRST TIME GUESTS REGARDLESS OF YOUR SHOOTING SKILLS.

Q:  What do you do at a meeting? 

A:  Most meetings are an hour of education/learning about shooting and an hour of range time.

Q:  Do I need to own a gun? 

A:  You do NOT need to own a gun. You can rent one from the range, you just need to purchase/use DGM ammo. This is a great way to try several different guns to find what works best for you!

Q:  Is Ammo Available?

 A:  Yes, you can purchase ammo at the range at our meetings.

Q:  Will I need eye and hearing protection and targets?

A: Yes, and a hat too. If you need eyes/ears, you can get them at the range desk. Targets will be supplied in the meeting cost.

Q:  Can I bring my own gun and ammo?

 A:  Yes, if the pistol is of modern design, and you are proficient shooting it. No steel core or steel case ammo allowed at the range.



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