Firearm Storage FAQ


1. Do you provide firearm storage?

Yes. We provide firearm storage for a monthly fee, including storage required by a TRO. All firearms stored are required to have a signed storage contract.

2. How much does it cost to store firearms at DGM?

Monthly storage fee is $30.00 per firearm.

All storages will have a $10.00 per firearm storage setup fee. Setup fee and first month’s storage fee are due at time of storage initiation.

DROS fee of $37.19 + $7.81 processing fee must also be paid at time of storage initiation.

3. What form of payment is accepted for storage fees?

Credit/Debit card is accepted for payment and will be charged automatically each month.

If you do not wish to process monthly charges or wish to pay in cash, storage fees must be prepaid for 6 months and you must maintain a credit balance on hand for future storage charges before the prepaid charges are exhausted (i.e. in month 5 you must prepay another 6 months).

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