1. What is a CCW permit?

A CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit allows you to carry concealed on your person, a loaded handgun in public (certain areas restricted).

2. Do I need a CCW permit to buy a gun?

No. A CCW is only required to carry a firearm concealed on your person.

3. How do I apply for a CCW permit in San Diego County?

1. Complete an application and schedule an appointment online through the Permitium system on the San Diego County Sheriff's Department website.

2. You will receive an approval letter via email after your background check is complete (usually within 90 days). The Sheriff's Department may contact you during this time if they have any questions regarding your application.

3. Once you have an approval letter, you can schedule the required 8 hour CCW course with our approved CCW instructor. CCW courses are held at our San Diego location and you may register for it online. Please note that you MUST have your approval letter before registering for this course.

4. After the 8 hour CCW course is complete, you will need to upload your course completion certificate through the Permitium on the San Diego County Sheriff's Department website. Once they have your certificate, they will mail you your physical permit.

4. How much does it cost to get a CCW permit in San Diego County?

An application fee for CCW is approximately $160 (paid to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and is subject to change). The required 8 hour CCW course is $200 and it is offered at our San Diego location.

5. What documents do I need to apply for a CCW permit in San Diego County?

The following documents are required:

  • California driver license or ID.

  • Proof of residency. Acceptable proof of residency should be the most current bills that you receive MONTHLY.  At least one document should be a utility bill:

    • Utility bill

    • Bank statement

    • Cell phone bill

    • Credit card statement

    • Mortgage statement

  • If applicable, DD214 or NG Form 22 (National Guard) with type of discharge included.

  • Verification that you are in the US legally if you were not born in the US (i.e. permanent resident card or naturalization certificate).

6. I am an active duty military and not a resident of California. Can I still apply for a California CCW permit?

Yes. You will need a copy of your orders and a driver license from your home state.

7. For how long is the CCW permit valid?

CCW permit is valid for 2 years. After 2 years it must be renewed.

8. I have a CCW permit from another state. Can I legally conceal carry in California?

No. California does not honor CCW permits issued in other states.

9. Is California CCW permit valid in other states?

Yes, Although California has no reciprocity with any other state, some states will accept any valid CCW permit. With a CCW permit issued through SDSO licensing, you may carry in all 58 counties in California.

10. Can I conceal carry any handgun if I have a California CCW permit?

Each handgun that you wish to conceal carry has to be listed on your CCW and be registered to you in the state of California. Off-roster handguns are allowed as long as they are registered to you in the state of California. Some modifications to the firearm are allowed but they cannot compromise the safety of the firearm. Generally, it is recommended to keep your firearm in stock configuration.

11. At what distance is the CCW qual?

The CCW qual is at 3, 5, and 7 yards.

12. What do I need to bring for an initial CCW qual?

Bring the gun(s) you want on the permit and your sheriff's approval e-mail. If a pistol, one magazine per pistol. You may use your ammunition or buy fresh ammunition at DGM. No holster is necessary.

13. What do I need to bring for a CCW renewal qual?

For renewal you must bring the gun(s) and your old permit. If a pistol, one magazine per pistol. You may use your ammunition or buy fresh ammunition at DGM. No holster is necessary.

14. How much ammo will I need for the qual?

The State requires 100 rounds for the initial qual and 50 rounds for renewal. These rounds can be spread out over the gun(s) listed on the permit. If you plan use your ammo, it must be safe to to shoot. Or you can buy fresh ammo from DGM.

15. How do I change CCW class date?

Contact DGM Training department by phone or email if you need to reschedule your CCW class.
(619) 324-7520 Or email us, indicating which class date you wish to change to.

16. How do I add or change guns on my CCW?

San Diego County CCW holders can "drop-in" to any scheduled CCW class to add firearms to their permit (even if "Sold Out"). No signup is required. See training calendar here for class dates: Training Calendar

The cost for existing DGM CCW students and DGM members is $25 per page of five guns to be added or changed.
Non-students of DGM CCW program are $50 for the first five guns on their permit to be added or changed and $25 per page after.

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