Range Rules

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  • ALWAYS point the muzzle in a safe direction. In an indoor range, that means downrange. Never at the ceiling, floor or stall walls.

  • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot – that means on target, sights aligned.


  • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use – unload when not using or on bench. Keep action open and unloaded until ready to fire.


  • GUN CASES: All firearms are to be brought into the range unloaded and in a case – if you don’t have a case, we will be happy to loan you one while you are in the facility. Exceptions: Sworn Law Enforcement Officers & CCW holders with proper credentials. These exceptions are for loaded, holstered firearms only.
  • GEAR INSPECTION: All firearms and ammo MUST be presented for inspection by a Range Safety Officer (RSO). Exceptions: Sworn Law Enforcement Officers & CCW holders with proper credentials. These exceptions are for loaded, holstered & worn firearms only. Other firearms from these individuals must be inspected.
  • SAFETY GEAR: Ear and eye protection is required BEFORE entering range & must be used at all times in the range. Shirts and shoes are required. To prevent hot cartridge case burns, sandals and flip-flops are only allowed when worn with socks. Loose-neck shirts or low-cut tops are also strongly discouraged.


  • RANGE DAMAGE: If you shoot our equipment (even accidentally), you will be charged to replace / repair it. Any person damaging ANY range equipment, will be ejected and charged for damage. MINIMUM charge PER IMPACT for hitting a range equipment is $20 and up to full replacement cost for damages.
  • GUN CASES: All firearms are to be kept on firing line unless cased. Do not leave firing position or cross the yellow line with uncased firearms - NO EXCEPTIONS. Take the case to the firearm at the shooting bench.

  • LOADING: Load firearms only at shooting station. Keep all firearms unloaded and action open until ready to fire. Detachable magazines may be loaded behind line.
  • SAFETY & YOU: You can help with range safety – if you see an unsafe condition, report it to a RSO immediately.
  • RAPID FIRE & ACCURACY: All firing must be controlled and on your target, or you will be ejected. No cross-firing to targets other than your own. NO SHOTGUN or RIFLE rapid fire.
  • BENCH SHOOTING: Shooting off the bench for ALL firearms must be at the maximum target distance for that lane to prevent equipment damage.
  • No smoking, vaping, food or drink is permitted inside the range. Any person who in the opinion of the Range Officer has consumed alcohol or other drugs prior to shooting will not be allowed to enter the range. After shooting, wash your hands before consuming anything.
  • BRASS: All Brass that falls in front of the firing line must be left. No one is allowed in front of the firing line. DO NOT remove any brass from the range that you did not personally bring.
  • CEASE FIRE: If a Range Officer commands a cease fire, IMMEDIATELY UNLOAD (DO NOT FIRE) and set the firearm on the bench with action open. Step back from firing line, do not touch or handle any firearm. Obey all Range Officer commands.
  • TARGETS: Only commercially produced targets are allowed – no paper plates, ammo boxes etc. Absolutely no shooting at targets while moving or turning without explicit authorization.
  • HOLSTER USE: Drawing from a holster is only allowed for approved individuals. See RSO or range personnel for holster policy before drawing and shooting from a holster. Please see DGM Holster Policy.
  • AMMO: Only authorized ammo may be fired. No steel core, armor piercing, or tracer ammo allowed. All firearms and ammo must be inspected by Range Officer.


SAN DIEGO RANGE (Morena Blvd.)

  • LANES 1-8: Only pistol caliber handguns, pistol caliber rifles, rimfire rifles, and shotguns
    may be shot. No high-powered rifles are allowed on these lanes.
  • LANES 9-18: Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are allowed on these lanes.

SANTEE RANGE (Magnolia Ave)

  •  LANES 1-10 Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are allowed on these lanes.

APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: We desire to maintain a family environment, no profanity, horseplay or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.


  • SLOW FIRE REQUIRED: All rifle & shotgun shooting must be slow, aimed fire, shot FROM THE SHOULDER, (rifles may be shot while standing or shot off bench).
  • BENCH SHOOTING: Shooting off the bench for ALL firearms must be at the maximum target distance for that lane to prevent equipment damage.
  • SHOTGUNS: All shotguns and ammunition must be approved by the Range Officer on duty. No “Cruiser” or "pistol grip only" type shotgun grips. Only lead birdshot larger than #6 birdshot may be used. Slugs and steel shot are not allowed. Steel shot creates a ricochet danger to all range occupants.
  • RIFLES: High-Powered Rifles may only be used on San Diego Range lanes 9-18 and Santee Range lanes 1-10 NO EXCEPTIONS! High-Powered rifles means any centerfire rifle including but not limited to .223REM, 5.56MM, 7.62x39. Please see Ammo Allowed. No Magnum rifle cartridges allowed.
  • NO ARMOR PIERCING AMMO: Only softcore ammo is allowed. No steel, tungsten or other hardened core bullets may be used. All ammo must have non-magnetic bullets. See Ammo Allowed.
  • STEEL CARTRIDGE CASES: Steel cases may only be used for 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R. Not for American calibers such as .223 or .308 etc. For a full explanation, please see Ammo Allowed.
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