Firearms & Ammo Sales Policy

All firearms and ammunition sold will be in accordance with applicable laws.

Firearms purchased on-line may be picked up in a Discount Gun Mart (DGM) store or shipped (transferred) to another federally licensed firearms (FFL) dealer. 

If picked up in a DGM store, buyer is subject to all federal, state, and locally mandated requirements including 10 day waiting period, background check, and required to meet age, residency and identification requirements. Please see FAQ for more information.

Shipments to other FFL dealers are subject to federal and state regulations. Receiving dealer is responsible for buyer meeting all applicable delivery and eligibility requirements for purchase. All returns of goods shipped to other FFL dealers must have prepaid return shipping and will be assessed a restocking fee of up to 20%. 

Federal law requires handgun and receiver only purchasers to be 21 years of age.

Additionally, California law requires all purchasers to be 21 years of age with certain exceptions for long gun purchase.

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